Service is a philosophy not a job.......

Component Level Repairs

We will always attempt to diagnose and repair to component level before offering major part replacement in order to keep the cost as low as possible. We have the specialist diagnostic equipment, technical skill and experience to do this efficiently and will not simply offer a replacement "PCB" or "LCD" when a repair is possible.

Service Parts

We may from time to time offer you service parts but the cost will reflect this and it will always be clearly stated on the paperwork. All parts carry a 12 months warranty.

Service Exchange

In some cases where units may be beyond economic repair we may be able to offer a service exchange. Service exchange units have a variety of backgrounds, they may be display or ex demonstration or remanufactured by either ourselves or the manufacturer. In any event what ever the source they are all warranted for 12 months and cosmetically good to excellent most having been "topped & tailed" with new or nearly new front, top and/or rear cases where required.

Part Exchange

Where service exchange units are not available we may offer a part exchange against new equipment. Each individual circumstance is different, there are no hard and fast rules on any discount, value placed on your existing equipment or final pricing. However it is our policy to promote brand loyalty and provided a manufacturer has a suitable alternative you will generally be offered the same brand. Importantly should you purchase from us you will receive a credit for your deposit which will count towards your new purchase ensuring that you will be no worse off had you decided to upgrade rather than send the unit for repair.