Service is a philosophy not a job.......

No Fault Found

Over 30% of all repairs are "no fault found". There are many reasons, the problem may be intermittent or as a result of a wiring problem or electrical noise on the vessel or the equipment may have simply "dried out". However what ever the reason we are the only company who will not charge you again if the unit is returned with the same reported fault AND if we do find a fault you will receive a credit for your original test and inspection against the repair costs if you have the unit repaired by us.

Beyond Economic Repair

We charge if a unit is found to be "beyond economic repair". Water damage, the cost of or lack of spares can all challenge the cost effectiveness of completing some repairs. We have no control over this and the cost is not just about testing your unit but the administration involved in processing a potential repair and searching for obscure parts however our philosophy is a simple one, if it is clear from a visual inspection or by removing a cover without any electrical testing that there is no prospect for repair then you will receive a refund of your deposit less return shipping.

Q Jump

If you are in a real hurry we offer a "Q Jump" service, your equipment can be moved to the head of the queue behind of course others already using the service. Normally this results in a test an inspection within 24 to 48 hours. However in order to maintain our standard turn around time for other customers there is a premium to pay to cover additional engineers in the season and overtime out of season.

While U Wait

There are a number of reasons why we can not offer a "While U Wait" or "Same Day" service. We are of course happy for you to drop your equipment in at our facility however unfortunately we are unable to look at it the same day.