Service is a philosophy not a job.......

12 Months Warranty

We offer 12 months labour and parts warranty because we are confident in the repairs we carry out and have invested heavily in the right people, equipment & training. Like any company these are subject to terms and conditions and it covers only the repairs we completed and not the whole unit or system. However, warranty or not, as you will be an existing customer we will make every effort to provide an equitable solution including taking into account previous charges.

Fixed Price Repairs

We DON'T offer all inclusive (including parts) fixed price repairs because we don't think you should pay for someone else's repair. We believe you should only pay for the labour and parts you need. Each repair is individual and we have the resources and will take the time to provide individual estimates. What we do promise is not to charge you any more than a fixed price repair available from any other dedicated service provider.

Turn Around Time

We understand time on the water is important and we are the only company to offer a genuine 3 to 5 working day inspection and test as standard. Importantly we send acknowledgements by e-mail, SMS and/or Skype the same day equipment is received with repairs booked into engineering by 3.00 PM. We will then provide an estimate within 3 to 5 working days from payment of your deposit.

Engineers Reports

We will provide a full and complete engineers report in "Plain English". It will detail the faults that we have found along with the action necessary to correct them and contain a full breakdown of the parts and costs. Our technical support team are always available to discuss any aspect of a report and even provide recommendations or assistance with reinstallation.